We demonstrated adaptability by undergoing a substantial transformation in its corporate structure, transitioning from an investment holding company to engaging in strategic investments and ventures, as approved by the SEC in 2011.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Strategic Collaboration

We entered into strategic partnerships and collaborations, as seen in its Management Agreement with Geogen Corporation and the establishment of GNA Resources International Limited in partnership with NiHao Mineral Resources International Inc. and Glencore International AG. These partnerships highlight our ability to leverage the expertise of other organizations for mutual benefit.

Financial Stewardship

Our ability to restructure its equity and eliminate deficits, as well as raise additional capital for our investment ventures, reflects our strong financial management and planning, positioning it for future growth and success.


The decision to terminate the Management Agreement with Geogen Corporation and later authorize the sale of the stake in GNA demonstrates a flexible approach to strategic decisions, adapting to changing circumstances and opportunities.

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